Good design is making something intelligible and memorable. Great design is making something memorable and meaningful.
— Dieter Rams

AP Studio Art is an advanced course designed for visually gifted high school students to prepare for entry into university-level studio classes. Students will work toward submitting a portfolio in 3-D Design, 2-D Design, or Drawing that excels in concept, composition, and execution. Throughout the year, students will create a comprehensive and innovative body of work addressing the three central sections in the AP Studio Art portfolio: Quality, Concentration, and Breadth.

Due to the advanced nature of the course, students will work as independent artists involved in an ongoing process of making critical decisions about their work. Through high-quality instruction, demonstrations, sustained studio and sketchbook practice, and participation in class critiques, students will develop, analyse, and solve a series of design problems. Students are expected to show resolution and mastery of concept, composition, and technical skill in their final work.